Antonia Wysong


Antonia Wysong currently holds the position of Assistant Chief Pilot for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Georgia.

She holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and is rated for B757, B767, CL65 and DC9 with Commercial privileges for both Airplane Single/Multiengine Land, and Airplane Multiengine Sea. She also holds Advanced Ground Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Licenses. She has a BA in Business and Finance from London University, and a degree in International Culinary Arts, and a Masters in Nutrition.

She started her airline career as a Flight Attendant for United Airlines, but shortly thereafter started taking flying lessons at a local flight school in Maryland. After obtaining her ratings, she became Chief Flight Instructor for the flight school, as well as working as a Traffic Survey pilot for two radio stations in Washington D.C. She was hired as a First Officer for SkyWest Airlines in 2002 where she flew Brasilia EMB 120’s and CRJ 200/700’s. She became a Captain in 2005. In 2007 she was hired as a First Officer for Delta Air Lines, and has flown the MD88/90, B757 and B767 until the present day. She joined the Air Line Pilots Association Professional Standards team in 2010 acting as a peer volunteer and counselor. In 2013 she was selected to be part of the Delta Air Lines Pilot Mentoring Team, assisting new hire pilots with their transition to Delta, and the world of Commercial Aviation. She currently serves as an Ambassador for Delta Air Lines, taking part in media and promotional events, and has recently been selected to be part of the Delta Air Lines Pilot Hiring Team.

She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her two sons, Oliver and Matthew, who manage to keep her ridiculously busy with their multiple extra curricular activities.