Reminiscing: It's About Time Event

It Began with a Song and Ended in Flight

Thank goodness it was a Friday! Time to explore how time and attention shape our lives.

Our fourth Annual TEDxCentennialParkWomen conference was another sold-out event with a musical opening, inspiring speakers, engaging xPeriences and incredible networking.

As Courtenay Collins from the Alliance Theatre demonstrated with her dramatic and joyous opening – there is nothing like a little cabaret in the morning.

We were honored to have Rose Scott grace our stage as Emcee and provide her signature banter and transitions as she welcomed our speakers to the stage. 

Maryam Alavi, Dean and Professor, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology, explored the relationship between humans and machines and shared her new paradigm.

Brooke BeachFounder and Chairman, Marketwake, talked about getting real and how sometimes our personal brand isn’t as shiny and pretty as our professional brand.

Did you ever wonder how Atlanta became a hub for filmmaking? Shay Bentley-Griffin, Casting Director, Chez Casting Inc., was one of the visionaries who worked tireless to bring the film industry to Georgia. Her next challenge is getting more women represented on the silver screen and in the directors’ chair.

Kathy CaprinoFounder and President, Ellia Communications, told us that it’s time to “brave up” -- 70% of women studied are facing at least one of 12 “hidden” crises, and on average they’re facing 3 at the same time. Over 50% don’t know what to do. . .

June Cline, Owner, Center for Laughing and Learning, demonstrated how to determine the ROI for laughing out loud with colleagues, clients is measurable in retention, loyalty and trust during her xPerience.

With a spotlight on Helene Lollis, CEO, Pathbuilders, we explored the personal side of mentoring and leadership.

According to Hala ModdelmogPresident and CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber, access is the great equalizer – especially when it comes to healthcare information.

Can acting principles and theatre-based strategies help people enhance their communication and collaboration skills? In an xPerience workshop, J. Noble, Manager, Alliance Theatre’s Alliance@Work, showed us techniques to slow down to listen, understand and be present.

The Wealthy Yogi, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus confided her blueprint for mindful money management to create a stress free wealthy lifestyle in her xPerience.

Natosha Reid RiceAssociate General Counsel, Habitat for Humanity International, encouraged us to reach a little deeper. She believes that women can change the world, but good intentions are not enough. They must be willing to invite others in and connect with people who may not look and act like them. 

Competition is not a four-letter word for Theresa Wenzel, President, The Atlanta Dream, it’s part of an important acronym “COMPETE” and part of her guiding principles for success.

Allison Wonders Gars, Coach, Coaching Wonders, wrote a custom xPerience piece about “time” for this event.

Henry Ford said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that a plane takes off against the wind, and not with it.”  Antonia WysongAssistant Chief Pilot, Delta Airlines, personal story fits that description and her ability to take flight is an inspiration to us all.