Speaking Opportunities


Thank you for your interest to present at TEDxCentennialParkWomen. We are a group of Atlanta volunteers who want speakers, men and women, who want to share ideas that open horizons for talented women.

The following information will help you determine how to align with what our TEDx event seeks to accomplish.

We’ve identified as hot topics in our area:

  • Technology,
  • Arts & Entertainment,
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice

Our team looks for…

·       New ideas that reflect your work, reflect Atlanta but are widely relatable

·       You may choose an idea that needs to be defended – not something self-evident, but an interesting argument, perhaps with an antagonist.

·       Your idea is one that the TED world hasn't heard before. (In other words, not a copy of a TED Talk you like!)

·       Your idea is likely to change perceptions. (e.g., a scientific discovery that changes how you think about frogs, a philosophical argument that reshapes your notions of friendship.)

It is helpful if you are…

·       a local voice that few people have heard before.

·       someone who can present their field in a new light.

·       someone with a perspective to which the global TED community may not have access.

When you submit your topic outline or talk summary indicate…

·       What's a controversy in your field that a general audience would understand?

·       What's a common misconception you'd love to clear up?

·       Why is this idea important, and to whom?

·       Who would disagree with you, and why?

·       How did you carry out this idea in your own work?

·       What's the big idea behind your new project? How did you sell that idea to funders and collaborators?

·       Can you describe the idea in about 6 words?

·       What will the audience walk away knowing – that this person exists, or a new idea?


Please fill out this form to express your interest. Deadline for submissions is June 23, 2017.

Thank You!