A Conversation With Rose Scott

She is the familiar voice on the Atlanta airwaves every afternoon. Her award-winning interviews cover Atlanta’s undiscovered and rarely celebrated like no other. WABE’s Rose Scott is a powerful voice of the people. On October 28th she will lend her considerable talents as the emcee of our TEDxCentennialParkWomen 2016 event.

The St. Louis, Missouri native spoke with TEDxCPW team member, Ebony Hillsman about this year’s theme:

It's About Time


The peaceful quiet of campgrounds and the soothing sounds of freshwater reminds Scott of her childhood, the things that matter today and the future. “My dad and mom would take us on camping trips with our little camper hooked up to our trailer. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at summer camp doing everything from canoeing to hiking and repelling. If I weren’t a journalist, I would be a summer camp director, there’s something about being there for kids learning something new about nature, especially kids who are lower income, who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to go camping or be exposed to nature.”


Having chosen journalism as a career, Ms. Scott believes strongly in the process of finding the truth in changing circumstances. “Even being a journalist for 26 years now, I’m at an intersection where there are so many issues taking place in our communities and throughout the world. Obviously, (as a journalist) I can’t be an activist but I can choose to be concerned about the things I chose to cover. If I can help facilitate ideas or bring issues to the table whether it’s about policy, race, poverty. I believe you can do that and still be objective.”


Ms. Scott noted, “You look at 2016 and look at issues currently making headlines, the disparity of wages among women and look at the debate for women whether you are pro-choice or pro-life. There are a lot of women leaders around the world now. Women are gaining, its slow moving but I can’t think of another time where we have had more attention to issues regarding women and girls around the globe. We are seeing so much progress around the world.”


“Like everybody that attends, I believe I’m going to be empowered. I live my life according to three tenets: embrace, educate and empower. I’m looking forward to hearing others’ stories that do that. I plan to be empowered.”

Join Rose Scott and other ripple makers at TEDxCPW for a day of empowerment, encouragement and another year of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’!